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Internet walkie talkie, which provides fast and convenient way to communicate with very high voice quality
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1 October 2007

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Make your voice chat interesting and easier than ever before. Imagine chatting with your friends with a single touch of a button. Loudtalks software does the work for you with ease in an effective and efficient manner.

The software is as easier in working as is its downloading and installing. The screen of the software starts with a registration format for operating the program. It works faster than written chats and also better than calls. The software requires a username and password that you could log in with. Also it requires to enter an email for the sending the password. After you have checked the availability of the username you need to log in. It may take just a second or two for login and there you may start the voice chat. Not only this you can invite the friends and add the contacts to the list. It also provides you with easy option to log out from the chat. The channel can be created and the contact not required by you can be deleted with ease. For the protection of your account you can easily change the password for your ID. Change the language to the one suitable for you and the display of outgoing and incoming burst notification can be enabled. For making the functions easy and giving it a personalized touch by setting the hotkeys. You can set these for the features Speak, Speak Lock and Repeat last message. Make the selection for the audio devices for Playback and Recording. Apply the changes and have the related function working in the way you wanted. For any kind of help relating to the functioning of the program, you can find it online as no separate help file is attached there. Being the chatting program it works with an internet access.

The software deserves a 4 rating point for its improved and fast response. Go get the Loudtalks software and start talking your friends in a single click.

Publisher's description

Loudtalks brings voice back to the internet communications. It's a little application, which allows you to talk to your friends or colleagues instantly with a single touch of a button. Think walkie talkie. It's faster than text chat and more convenient than calls. It's very easy to use and requires no configuration. Loudtalks is available for Windows right now, but we are working hard to bring it to other platforms soon, including your mobile phone.
Version 0.9
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